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Integrated Japanese Tattoos Designs For Men

japanese tattoos for men

For some people getting a tattoo is an all-in kind of idea. It means that you are not out to simply get a simple tattoo but get an armful of them. The challenge of such a decision is knowing how much enough is and every so often what can be matched with what. The great thing about Japanese tattoos for men is that they offer an integrated way of having multiple tattoos jumbled up together, but with inking that makes the entire tattoo look like a masterpiece.

Single Japanese Tattoo Ideas

There are a great number of single Japanese tattoos that would look quite well by themselves here are a few examples of some.

· The samurai arm tattoo

Samurai is basically synonymous with courage, victory and an inner power in battle. Here are some of the ways you can have a samurai tattoo

· Pure half-sleeve samurai

japanese tattoos samurai

This too is basically a real life representation of the samurai without any modifications or add-ons

japanese tattoos samurai

Well, this is a full body tattoo of the samurai which is probably the closest you will get to an actual real samurai

· Skulls

Since they are viewed as a good thing in Japanese culture, it only makes sense that they are included in tattoo designs.

japanese tattoos samurai

This image basically depicts what it means to win a battle but still lose your soul in battle. The skull, with the crown and the evil eye are all rather deep in meaning.

· The kanji

These letters may mean much or be simple, point is, and their tattooing design is very simple.

Mixed Tattoo Designs

· Samurai

Due to it’s centrality in Japanese culture it’s almost impossible to talk about their tattoos without reference to the samurai.

This full back tattoo depicts both the samurai and the eagle, both of which hold very different meanings in Japanese culture. Coupled with skulls and a battle field setting, this tattoo speaks art like none ever will.

japanese tattoos samurai

This image is more about resilience and courage. The samurai which ends in a koi fish tail is almost a mermaid but not quite. This is a tattoo that will definitely start a conversation.

Tattoo On Tattoo Designs

This is more synonymous with people looking to cover a previous tattoo that they may no longer want. In some people however, tattoos on other tattoos are more of their thing really and here are a few great ideas.

samurai back tiget tattoo for men

In this tattoo for example, its impossible to tell what the initial tattoo was given there are so many other tattoos on it. In such a case, the true meaning of the tattoo is held by the owner.

Full Body Tattoos

This full body expanse of the men tattoo is not only bold but is beautiful. Takes a little longer to develop but the need product is definitely to wait on.

full body japanese tattoos

This full body tattoo on this man is unique in that the drawing artist actually incorporated designs of his own and texturization that gave the tattoo uniqueness.

full body japanese tattoos

This full body tattoo is clearly more about the colors than it is about the message. The different inking designs and color combinations are somewhat elegant but in a Yakuzi way.

Mixed Culture Tattoos

vibrant tattoos mix unusual color and realistic detail

This tattoo is what mixed culture stands for. It points to a lot of different cultures while at the same time keeping it simple.

japanese tattoos sleeves

This tattoo is probably more tribal than it is Japanese, however the mixing of the different colors and fragments makes it very Japanese.

japanese tattoos sleeves

This tattoo design is quite modern but still reflects a very distinct Japanese basis.

Unique Tattoos

japanese lion tattoo

This Japanese tattoo design from vegeta is very unique in that what is drawn or rather what it means may remain a mystery unless he reveals it.

oriental dragon tattoo

This image definitely leaves a lot to be pondered on.

oriental dragon tattoos

This image looks like what would happen if evil and good had a fight and no one won. There are a lot of people who would find this enchanting and this is a great tattoo is you are okay with having to explain what it means each time.

japanese tattoos on back

In closing, this image is not only bold but scary and also very artistic.

Japanese Tattoos Sleeves for Men and Women

japanese tattoo sleeves

Japanese Tattoos Sleeves

Japan is a country full of traditions and a vast rich culture. One of their more famous inventions is sushi which we have all grown to love and enjoy another is their tattoos. One important and rather interesting fact is that, in japan, tattoos were a preserve of criminals and hooligans.Some of the illegal gangs such as the yakuzi, would use tattoos as a way to mark out suspects or their members. The government of japan for a long time considered tattoos illegal and having them was a legal offense.

Irezumi, the art of traditional Japanese is a very intense procedure that involves the artist poking a series of brushes and needles on the skin. This creates the background for the inking. A complete Japanese sleeve tattoo takes several sessions to complete. Deeper designs need deeper ink and more sessions.

A well done Japanese sleeve tattoo is an art piece that will definitely have you wearing tank tops in winter.

Japanese Tattoos Sleeves For Men

Men being more bold have a wider variety of tattoos to choose from. The fact that most men would love to exhibit confidence and strength is also a reason why men are able to mix different designs and still get a finished tattoo that is a masterpiece.

Below we give a few examples of tattoo ideas for men that span the entire sleeve:

The koi fish

japanese tattoo sleeves for men the koi fish

The koi fish is small Japanese fish that is unique because it swims against the current. Its resilience and ability to go against the crowd is the reason why it’s the most common animal on Japanese sleeve tattoo designs.

The design of the koi fish varies from individual to individual. Some people have it fully drawn as a fish, or you can incorporate other designs as long as the eye and the fish scales are made obvious


japanese tattoo sleeves for men dragons

This is a common theme that spans most Japanese tattoo ideas. Chances of scrolling through a Japanese tattoo sketchbook without finding dragons are next to nil. The great thing with dragon tattoos is that there is no set limit as to how dragons should be inked. There are a million ways to make dragon tattoos different. Red eyes, green eyes or even a blazing head, there is really no set way to have a dragon tattoo.

The phoenix

japanese tattoo sleeves for men phoenix

This symbolic bird of fire is a most common go to for men tattoos. Known for its symbolic meaning of rebirth, life, growth and longevity. There are very many ways to style a phoenix. Most of the common designs revolve around the bright colors and fire. But some simpler designs simply have the bird and meaningful numbers written around them.

Japanese Tattoos Sleeves For Women

Women are more reserved when to come to tattoos, but women who choose to go all in with tattoos always end up with the boldest most artistic designs.

Let’s take a look at the common tattoo designs for women:


japanese tattoos sleeves for women japanese tattoo sleeves for women flowers

This sounds like something anyone would think of. The most common flowers used for Japanese sleeves are cherry blossoms, chrysanthemums and the lotus. There are a myriad ways you can create an artistic tattoo design that doesn’t scream girly. The inking designs can also be manipulated to create a tattoo that says I am badass but girly!


japanese tattoo sleeves for women skulls japanese tattoo sleeves for women skulls
japanese tattoo sleeves for women skulls japanese tattoo sleeves for women skulls

While associated with the gothic culture, skulls in Japanese culture are a celebration of individuals who have passed and a remembrance of their lives. Some people still view the skull with caution. The great new however is that there are a million ways to make skulls artistic. Skulls are mixed with flowers and can be made milder and interesting.


japanese tattoo sleeves for women owl japanese tattoo sleeves for women owl

These mystical creatures of the night are beautiful designs if youre looking for something that is not so common.


japanese tattoos jomon

Jomon literally means rope in Japanese and is a common theme for sleeve tattoos.

Girls can still have any of the mystical Japanese creatures but with a twist that makes them interesting. There is no culture that is truly as expressive as the Japanese tattoo culture.

Japanese Tattoos – Desings Ideas and Meaning [100+ designs]

japanese tattos designs ideas art

Japanese Tattoos

Japanese tattoos have come from so far. They were originally used by the ancient Japanese government as a way of branding criminals. Criminal gangs such as the Yakuza eventually took them up as a way of identification and eventually they became a thing adopted world and over. In all essence Japanese tattoos are bold and colorful. They are unforgettable. The different designs and artworks around them make them captivating. Japanese tattoos are all unique in their own way. They encompass all that is Japanese culture, molded over time with a few incorporations here and there.

They span generations of endurance and culture with all the myths and beliefs within. Their use of inking and carving techniques makes them a go to for people looking to modify their own tattoos. Once synonymous with hip hop artists, tattoos have been adopted by the common people and celebrities alike.

Japanese Tattoo Artist

There are many different Japanese tattoo artists, evolving from artists on canvas to body artists. Some renowned artists have grown into fame from their use of back ground textures and motifs. Some of the famous artists began from simple water colors to create tattoos that span the entire body.

Since Japanese tattooists were convicted by the Japanese government, it may be difficult to find the artists who are sometimes in hiding. The internet has given us a relief from this with YELP and the likes. Finding a good artist begins with finding good reviews and testimonials from customers. Some of the great works of this artists can be found on their websites and social media pages. Some of most famous of this artists are tattooists to the celebrities. Picking your Japanese tattoo artist has a direct impact on the result.

Japanese Tattoos For Men

japanese tattoo for men

Japanese tattoos ooze masculinity. Having started from men, it comes as no shock that most of this tattoos are famous among them. Nowadays, however, they are common among both men and women. Japanese tattoos for men are mostly on the sleeves. They may cover the extent from the shoulders all the way down or may only be on the sleeve. This is by far the most common way. Full body tattoos are also unite common with men, from the neck all the way to the toes. This is an all-in decision for tattoos.

Japanese Tattoos Meaning

The greatest thing about Japanese tattoos is that in them lies deep meaning and understanding of nature. The various symbols, imagery and mythical creatures symbolize something deeper than just art. There is the knowledge of life, the giver, virtues and all the different things that give life meaning.

Prior knowledge of what you want in a tattoo can help you decide on how you want it. The cost common symbol in Japanese art is the dragon which symbolizes wisdom generosity and strength. The other mythical creatures such as the phoenix stand for revival and victory in human life. One of the most recurrent animal in Japanese art is the carp or the koi fish which stands for determination based on its ability to swim against current and tides.

Skulls, in Japanese culture unlike the western world are not gothic but are an appreciation of the continuum in life. They also serve to remind us that whilst death is inevitable, it is also the one thing that allows for more life to enter the world. It is indeed true that Japanese tattoo meanings will not only blow your mind but undoubtedly make you want to have one.

Japanese Tattoo Sleeves

japanese tattoo sleeves

The most common place for Japanese tattoos is the sleeve, not only is it visible but it’s also less painful compared to other body parts. Sleeve tattoos can either cover the entire expanse of the sleeve or be upper arm. The designs and shapes can be mixed up on the sleeves to create integration and oneness. That withstanding, it is also possible to maintain one single design all through.

Sleeve tattoos may be different or similar on the right or the left hand. Yakuza style are the most common, but modern tattooists are allowing individuals the chance to pick their own styles. Individual traditional styles such as the koi or the geisha have always looked great by themselves, who’s to say that mixing them will disappoint?

Japanese Tattoos Arts

japanese tattoo art

Ancient Japanese art covers a wide range of styles and techniques. Extending from ink painting, woodblock prints to origami, there’s a style for everyone. The traditional art of Japanese tattooing also called the Resume, is a technique learnt over a long period of time with most of the original detailing retained by the older tattooists.

The art of Japanese tattooing revolves around meticulously incorporating drawing with the art of painting. Most of the major tattoos begin as sketches made with pencils followed by the even longer process of painting and incorporation of indelible ink. The entire process will probably take months and even weeks to fully finish. While the common themes remain the same, variations come in the coloring and in the mixing of the different motifs.

Japanese Tattoo Designs

Most of the designs of Japanese tattoos have remained similar over the years in an attempt to retain the authenticity of Japanese art. The original designs probably date as far as 10,000 years. The common theme definitely remains the same even with the years. Regardless of how the arrangement or the designs are mixed, you can easily spot a Japanese tattoo because of the inking technique. This means that you can also select a choice from one of the following popular designs:

Japanese Tattoo Ideas

There are a million ways to wear a Japanese tattoo. There are no rules in place to limit how you can mix the symbols or the designs. Every idea is unique in itself. One of the first thing when getting a Japanese tattoo is deciding of you want an individual design or a mix of several. Based on this you can then decide what symbol would look good with which symbol, and on which color goes best for the background. Here are Japanese tattoo ideas to get you started:



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