For some people getting a tattoo is an all-in kind of idea. It means that you are not out to simply get a simple tattoo but get an armful of them. The challenge of such a decision is knowing how much enough is and every so often what can be matched with what. The great thing about Japanese tattoos for men is that they offer an integrated way of having multiple tattoos jumbled up together, but with inking that makes the entire tattoo look like a masterpiece.

Single Japanese Tattoo Ideas

There are a great number of single Japanese tattoos that would look quite well by themselves here are a few examples of some.

· The samurai arm tattoo

Samurai is basically synonymous with courage, victory and an inner power in battle. Here are some of the ways you can have a samurai tattoo

· Pure half-sleeve samurai

japanese tattoos samurai

This too is basically a real life representation of the samurai without any modifications or add-ons

japanese tattoos samurai

Well, this is a full body tattoo of the samurai which is probably the closest you will get to an actual real samurai

· Skulls

Since they are viewed as a good thing in Japanese culture, it only makes sense that they are included in tattoo designs.

japanese tattoos samurai

This image basically depicts what it means to win a battle but still lose your soul in battle. The skull, with the crown and the evil eye are all rather deep in meaning.

· The kanji

These letters may mean much or be simple, point is, and their tattooing design is very simple.

Mixed Tattoo Designs

· Samurai

Due to it’s centrality in Japanese culture it’s almost impossible to talk about their tattoos without reference to the samurai.

This full back tattoo depicts both the samurai and the eagle, both of which hold very different meanings in Japanese culture. Coupled with skulls and a battle field setting, this tattoo speaks art like none ever will.

japanese tattoos samurai

This image is more about resilience and courage. The samurai which ends in a koi fish tail is almost a mermaid but not quite. This is a tattoo that will definitely start a conversation.

Tattoo On Tattoo Designs

This is more synonymous with people looking to cover a previous tattoo that they may no longer want. In some people however, tattoos on other tattoos are more of their thing really and here are a few great ideas.

samurai back tiget tattoo for men

In this tattoo for example, its impossible to tell what the initial tattoo was given there are so many other tattoos on it. In such a case, the true meaning of the tattoo is held by the owner.

Full Body Tattoos

This full body expanse of the men tattoo is not only bold but is beautiful. Takes a little longer to develop but the need product is definitely to wait on.

full body japanese tattoos

This full body tattoo on this man is unique in that the drawing artist actually incorporated designs of his own and texturization that gave the tattoo uniqueness.

full body japanese tattoos

This full body tattoo is clearly more about the colors than it is about the message. The different inking designs and color combinations are somewhat elegant but in a Yakuzi way.

Mixed Culture Tattoos

vibrant tattoos mix unusual color and realistic detail

This tattoo is what mixed culture stands for. It points to a lot of different cultures while at the same time keeping it simple.

japanese tattoos sleeves

This tattoo is probably more tribal than it is Japanese, however the mixing of the different colors and fragments makes it very Japanese.

japanese tattoos sleeves

This tattoo design is quite modern but still reflects a very distinct Japanese basis.

Unique Tattoos

japanese lion tattoo

This Japanese tattoo design from vegeta is very unique in that what is drawn or rather what it means may remain a mystery unless he reveals it.

oriental dragon tattoo

This image definitely leaves a lot to be pondered on.

oriental dragon tattoos

This image looks like what would happen if evil and good had a fight and no one won. There are a lot of people who would find this enchanting and this is a great tattoo is you are okay with having to explain what it means each time.

japanese tattoos on back

In closing, this image is not only bold but scary and also very artistic.


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