Japanese Tattoos Sleeves

Japan is a country full of traditions and a vast rich culture. One of their more famous inventions is sushi which we have all grown to love and enjoy another is their tattoos. One important and rather interesting fact is that, in japan, tattoos were a preserve of criminals and hooligans.Some of the illegal gangs such as the yakuzi, would use tattoos as a way to mark out suspects or their members. The government of japan for a long time considered tattoos illegal and having them was a legal offense.

Irezumi, the art of traditional Japanese is a very intense procedure that involves the artist poking a series of brushes and needles on the skin. This creates the background for the inking. A complete Japanese sleeve tattoo takes several sessions to complete. Deeper designs need deeper ink and more sessions.

A well done Japanese sleeve tattoo is an art piece that will definitely have you wearing tank tops in winter.

Japanese Tattoos Sleeves For Men

Men being more bold have a wider variety of tattoos to choose from. The fact that most men would love to exhibit confidence and strength is also a reason why men are able to mix different designs and still get a finished tattoo that is a masterpiece.

Below we give a few examples of tattoo ideas for men that span the entire sleeve:

The koi fish

japanese tattoo sleeves for men the koi fish

The koi fish is small Japanese fish that is unique because it swims against the current. Its resilience and ability to go against the crowd is the reason why it’s the most common animal on Japanese sleeve tattoo designs.

The design of the koi fish varies from individual to individual. Some people have it fully drawn as a fish, or you can incorporate other designs as long as the eye and the fish scales are made obvious


japanese tattoo sleeves for men dragons

This is a common theme that spans most Japanese tattoo ideas. Chances of scrolling through a Japanese tattoo sketchbook without finding dragons are next to nil. The great thing with dragon tattoos is that there is no set limit as to how dragons should be inked. There are a million ways to make dragon tattoos different. Red eyes, green eyes or even a blazing head, there is really no set way to have a dragon tattoo.

The phoenix

japanese tattoo sleeves for men phoenix

This symbolic bird of fire is a most common go to for men tattoos. Known for its symbolic meaning of rebirth, life, growth and longevity. There are very many ways to style a phoenix. Most of the common designs revolve around the bright colors and fire. But some simpler designs simply have the bird and meaningful numbers written around them.

Japanese Tattoos Sleeves For Women

Women are more reserved when to come to tattoos, but women who choose to go all in with tattoos always end up with the boldest most artistic designs.

Let’s take a look at the common tattoo designs for women:


japanese tattoos sleeves for women japanese tattoo sleeves for women flowers

This sounds like something anyone would think of. The most common flowers used for Japanese sleeves are cherry blossoms, chrysanthemums and the lotus. There are a myriad ways you can create an artistic tattoo design that doesn’t scream girly. The inking designs can also be manipulated to create a tattoo that says I am badass but girly!


japanese tattoo sleeves for women skulls japanese tattoo sleeves for women skulls
japanese tattoo sleeves for women skulls japanese tattoo sleeves for women skulls

While associated with the gothic culture, skulls in Japanese culture are a celebration of individuals who have passed and a remembrance of their lives. Some people still view the skull with caution. The great new however is that there are a million ways to make skulls artistic. Skulls are mixed with flowers and can be made milder and interesting.


japanese tattoo sleeves for women owl japanese tattoo sleeves for women owl

These mystical creatures of the night are beautiful designs if youre looking for something that is not so common.


japanese tattoos jomon

Jomon literally means rope in Japanese and is a common theme for sleeve tattoos.

Girls can still have any of the mystical Japanese creatures but with a twist that makes them interesting. There is no culture that is truly as expressive as the Japanese tattoo culture.


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